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Zipmount for GoPro Triple Pack


Zipmount For GoPro Triple Pack

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A Simple GoPro Mounting Solution.

Zipmount is a simple and reusable accessory that allows you to mount your GoPro camera to anywhere you can attach a zip tie, in just a few seconds.

● Curved silicone base grips most surfaces, and can be removed or rotated
● Orientation can be rotated by changing the mounting holes
● For use with 4.8mm or smaller zip ties
● Compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras
● Suitable for pole diameters down to 16mm (3/8")


    What's In The Pack:
    ● 3 x Zipmounts, complete with curved silicone bases
    ● 10 x 300mm (12") high strength Nylon zip ties
    How to use:
    ● Thread zip tie through mounting holes
    ● Wrap zip tie around mounting point. Zip ties can even be joined for larger objects!
    ● Pull tight and trim excess zip tie