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New Base Design

For the past few weeks I have been working on an improvement on the foam base of Zipmount, and after some testing I am now happy to announce a new base design for Zipmount!


CAD model of the new base shapePrototype base moulding


The Zipmount base is now made from a soft rubber material instead of the closed cell foam, and fits directly to the mount without needing adhesive. The base has also been shaped to help grip curved surfaces. This design carries two main advantages over the foam base:


1. Durability

The original foam base was excellent at conforming to various surfaces, but this characteristic also meant that it was susceptible to wearing out over time. I addressed this in the original Kickstarter by supplying a spare base with each mount sold, but even with a spare I couldn't have guaranteed that the base would not prematurely wear out. The new base is much more durable and will easily last for the life of the mount, but is still soft enough to conform to uneven or curved surfaces. 


Assembled Zipmount


2. No Adhesive 

The new rubber base neatly fits into the negative space of the main Zipmount moulding with a gentle press fit, negating the need for any adhesives. Additionally, the curved base can be rotated depending on the direction of the camera, or even removed altogether if the mounting location works better without the rubber base.


No adhesive needed



This part will be made using a process called 'compression moulding'. Without going into too much detail, it involves fabricating a new tool and completing a production run similar to the injection moulding of the main part. This type of moulding process is not as complex as injection moulding, so the costs are lower and the lead times are shorter. No adhesive also means the assembly is simpler and faster. The process costs more than the foam base, but with 120% funding from Kickstarter there was money in reserve to pay for this upgrade. Think of it as an unofficial stretch goal...

Overall this is a big improvement over the old design. 


Look out on Instagram and Facebook for more pictures of the new mount design.



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